Lamps are a wonderful way to make a room more functional and more stylish. At Lincoln Lighting Center, we carry many table lamps, desk lamps, and floor lamps to help turn any room into a brilliantly illuminated space.

A well-placed lamp is an important part of properly lighting any room. While your overhead fixtures provide you with ambient light, a lamp provides task lighting that allows you to do things without having to squint or move to an area with more light. Add a lamp to your desk to make typing or drafting easier. Set a lamp next to your couch to give you enough light to do a crossword puzzle or sudoku. Add a lamp to an empty table and tie an entire room together.

Check out our online store to shop for lamps, or stop by our lighting showroom to see many of them in action. Our lighting experts are ready and waiting to help you pick out a lamp that gives you adequate light and matches your personal style. We can help you coordinate your light fixture purchases with your existing home decor, and we can show you how choosing lights first can be a great way to set the tone for a room you are redecorating.