At Lincoln Lighting Center, we’re here to help you transform every part of your home with lights, including the outside of your house! Exterior lighting is, in many ways, nearly as important as your interior lighting. Great exterior lighting can keep your home safer, make it more attractive to potential buyers, and create more usable space for you and your family to enjoy.

While we do carry all of the standard exterior light fixtures that you’re probably used to, we also sell many fixtures that you might not have considered before. If you have a trellis in your backyard, have you thought about hanging some lanterns from it? Do you have an enclosed porch that gets too hot? We have outdoor ceiling fans that will make the area comfortable!

At Lincoln Lighting Center, we believe in helping our customers bring their vision for their home to life, and we are here to help. Our lighting experts love to assist clients with tasks as simple as finding new sconces to planning out the lights for an addition. We have the experience and the selection of great fixtures from the best manufacturers on the planet, so shop with us today for an experience that you won’t soon forget.