Lighting Consultation and Design Services

Don’t be left in the dark. Our skilled lighting consultants can guide you through the processes of selecting the proper home décor and lighting for your home.Whether building a new home , working on a small renovation or just need a new lamp or accent piece our team are eager to help you find the perfect items for your project.

Our talented staff will help you with:

  • Lighting layout and electrical considerations either in store or on site from your plans, pictures or descriptions.
  • An understanding of the cost saving and illumination benefits of LED lighting.
  • Product function and style guidance.
  • The proper size of your fan or fixture in relationship to your room.
  • Color coordination and finish recommendations.
  • An understanding of the latest styles and trends.
  • All of these and many more benefits will help you will help you get the best possible lighting fixture, fan, lamp or item of home décor for you.


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